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DIYAREA Portable Electric Chair, Track Climbing Wheelchair Assist Stair Chair

DIYAREA Portable Electric Chair, Track Climbing Wheelchair Assist Stair Chair

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DIYAREA Portable Electric Chair provide the safe transport of patients up and down stairs. Bright yellow makes it more conspicuous in every scene. It is safe, simple, fast, and easy to fold. This product is designed to be operated by trained caregivers to assist patients in moving up and down the stairs. It is a superior evacuation chair and provides mobility solutions when you need it the most. This easy to use, the cost-effective design is the number one choice by many professionals.

  • Evacuation Chair Back: Heavy-duty seat restraint for patient safety.Heavy-duty belts for patient safety. Widened back is suitable for anybody shape, soft cushion, waterproof, fireproof PVC fabric, the elderly sit up more comfortable, vest type band more safety.
  • 82cm extended track: Can take 3 longest steps, up and down without turbulence. Safe to stop at the stairs - Even if the stopover is on the stairs. Just support the chair, step on it with your feet, and the track can be stowed away.
  • Backrest three-speed adjustment: Backrest adjustment lever, adjustable in three steps, easy to use. Rear handle with automatic lock - Press the red button to close the handle and open it to lock automatically.
  • Heavy Duty Track: Manual Track Chair Tread System For controlled transportation down Stairs. The crawler is controlled by an air spring. It can be folded up by simply supporting the chair and gently stepping on it with your foot. Open the button to unlock and pull the track backward.


Features: Battery Powered Track
Color: Yellow
Assembled Product Weight: 26 kg


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